Friday, May 22, 2009

"Trainer's Digest"

Seeing how this is my first attempt to blog, I feel a little like Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes fame. As he often begins, “Have you ever wondered why…” Yes I have wondered why. Why it that people think an on-site trainer is the best means of training. We often get requests for live trainers. Someday I will get up the gumption to ask if the request for a live trainer is because the “pre-recorded” trainers we have been sending are not doing their jobs.

Are there hopes from a training site that a “live” trainer will give out the extra soap and shampoo that they have from their hotel room? Or, is it that the “live” trainer has minty fresh breath?

More often than not it is because a site wants the security of a one-on-one training experience, complete with a trainer sitting beside them watching as they complete exercises on the system. Well, we know have that one-on-one training experience through the new Hands on Lab (HOL)…

The HOL allows a SirsiDynix trainer, from a remote office, to give each training participant their very own virtual training database for a given class. The trainee is able to then receive valuable hands on experience on various modules as though they were in an onsite class with a “live” trainer. SirsiDynix trainers are then able to observe each person working through exercises on two large monitors we affectionate call “Brady Bunch Screens” (Think of the opening credits of the TV show and you will get the picture--pun intended) If the trainee runs into trouble the trainer, can watch his or her workflows on these screens and help them out. The trainer can even steer the trainee away from potential mistakes. Customer feedback has been fantastic. Right now the circulation, cataloging, and reports classes are taught in the hands on lab, with more classes coming. To find out when these classes are taught go out to and type in hands on lab in the search window.

For all intents and purposes, HOL classes are like having a “live” trainer is sitting right by you; minus the “minty fresh breath” or lack thereof.

Ken Bonney
Training Supervisor, Operations

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