Friday, June 12, 2009

SaaS Ensures a Healthy Outlook for Your Library

Recently, I strained my back and had to undergo a procedure to repair a herniated disk. During the recovery, I realized how difficult it is to perform at a basic physical level when part of my body is not operating at full capacity. With each new injury, you start to understand how important the individual parts are to your overall well-being. The back, particularly the spine and spinal cord, lie at the heart of the central nervous system, and is vital to ensuring everything in the body operates efficiently. When it goes out, everything else seems to suffer.

Just like the spine, software has now become central to the operation of any business, especially libraries. When we lose functionality, or don’t have the funding to upgrade, our processes slowly start to deteriorate—limping along until they finally give up and come to a complete stop.

Libraries are constantly challenged in their business today. Challenged to stay up-to-date with technology, manage staff training, retain highly qualified technical staff, manage vendor and sub-contractor relationships, manage their core systems, deal with upgrades and feature releases, and purchase, implement, and maintain evermore complex systems. All under budget restrictions that would strain any seasoned MBA.

SirsiDynix has a solution to relieve these strains and meet these challenges… We call it SirsiDynix SaaS, a comprehensive software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that provides end-to-end managed care for all types and sizes of libraries.

In a completely hosted environment, SirsiDynix SaaS provides cost-conscious libraries and consortia with top-tier features and functions that address all library needs --- circulation, cataloging, serials, acquisitions, OPAC, federated search, digital collection management, and virtually all other capabilities provided by today’s leading library software. And all these systems are provided via SirsiDynix world-class hosting and server management systems.

In the same way our back and spine serve as the core of our bodies, SaaS provides a powerful channel for the central nervous system of the library to quickly deploy services and tools to staff and patrons.

In the coming months, I will continue to contribute to the “At Your Service” Blog to explain how SaaS can help ensure your library systems maintain a healthy outlook.

Stay tuned…

Brett Hall
Director, Managed Client Services

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