Monday, June 29, 2009

Regional User’s Meeting

Have you attended a SirsiDynix user’s group meeting in the past? Are you aware of the annual conference and that there are user’s group meetings held regionally throughout the year? If not, you should.

I just returned from SNRG conference (pronounced synergy – not snurg), the SirsiDynix Northeastern Regional Group, which was held at The Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA. This is an annual meeting hosted by different sites throughout the region. Over 120 people attended the conference.

In my humble opinion, we had a great meeting. SirsiDynix presented sessions on various topics including SirsiDynix Symphony 3.3 enhancements, WebReporter, Director’s Station, Enterprise, as well as sessions dedicated to answering questions about other products and services. We at SirsiDynix were pleased to have been invited to participate, but the real meat of this meeting, and that of many of the regional meetings, was the sessions conducted by the users.

The conference planning committee solicits ideas for sessions and presenters. Presenters facilitate sharing sessions based around modules or products – often including demonstrations of practices which were locally developed. These sessions were very helpful to the attendees. There was good discussion regarding how the software is used and configured to allow site-specific objectives to be realized. Attendees could state specific issues with which they were struggling and others could jump in with suggestions and options that work for their site.

I was very impressed with the cooperative nature of these attendees. Everyone wanted to learn and share and it appeared that all would walk away with a better understanding of the potential use of their respective systems.

My thanks to the wonderful team at Penn State for their hard work in organizing and running this conference. Ann Snowman and Dace Freivalds from the hosting Penn State libraries, and the rest of the SNRG 2009 Conference Committee, are to be commended. The conference ran flawlessly. They went above and beyond and arranged a conference dinner on Monday evening, topped off with ice cream from the renowned Penn State Creamery, and the tightly knit harmonies of the Nittany Knights Barbershop Chorus.

SirsiDynix has a wonderful community of users. All of whom endeavor to provide the best service to the users of their libraries. It is wonderfully refreshing to see conference attendees serve one another with ideas and helpful tips and pointers. I was pleased to be among them.

The next time you see information about a user’s group meeting – do your best to attend. You will learn something, I will guarantee, and even more importantly – you might just help a fellow colleague.

For additional information on SirsiDynix user groups and conference schedules, visit or

Terry Jarnagin
VP of Client Care

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