Monday, July 6, 2009

Study Hall: It's not just for jocks any more.

I have heard it and I have seen it, time and time again in training. As a trainer, I have just gotten through a particularly tough concept and asked the class for questions. One person will always speak what’s on the majorities’ mind and state, “Well, I will understand it more, once I play around with the system."

Well, now you can, in our Study Hall class.

Study Hall is a two-hour class scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Eastern. There is no agenda or formalities with Study Hall. Just two hours for staff to practice the things they have learned in training. There is a trainer in each class, but you may never hear them speak. The trainer is there in case a trainee gets stuck, but the trainer will not be conducting any formal training. A trainee may pop in and out of the class, but they do not need to stay the entire time.

We are also working on having e-library available to use in our Study Hall. This means that a site will be able to make changes and try things on e-library and have SirsiDynix clean up the database. We have the above mentioned days and times, but please let us know if there are better times that we could be offering the class.

Study Hall gives librarians and staff an opportunity to “kick the tires” on the Symphony system. We look forward to hearing you in a Study Hall class soon.

Ken Bonney
Training Supervisor, Operations


  1. Ken- can you provide a link to where we can access "study hall"?

  2. The answer to the comment is and type Study Hall in the search box to see the listings

  3. I was suprised and disappointed to see that Study Hall isn't free of charge.

  4. Thanks Ken for this interesting post!
    I was wonderind if you know when e-library will be available to use in the Study Hall.