Monday, August 10, 2009

The World is Getting Smaller

At SirsiDynix we have a global power base of knowledge with offices all over the world. Each office is staffed with employees able to bring a global perspective to your training experience. We are now pooling that global knowledge to provide the best training experience for our customers.

In the coming months it may not be unusual to hear an accent in the voice of your trainer. Because of combining our global resources, we will be able to offer earlier classes for those customers in the Eastern Time Zone or any early risers who may want to have their training completed before breakfast. The earlier times will avoid having the training go through some customers’ lunch hour. (Nothing in training is a bigger distraction than an empty stomach.) Some of the earlier classes will be taught by trainers in our United Kingdom office. So you will be able to wake up to hear Symphony or Horizon taught in the Queen’s English.

For those of you in Europe or the Asia Pacific region, you may occasionally hear the cowboy or southern draw of our North American-based trainers. If you want to know if they work out of the Provo, Utah office, just ask the trainer if they were “barn in a born” or if they ”threw the apple car out the core window.”

No matter the voice of the trainer, our commitment is the same--to guarantee you and your library the best library automation training in the industry. To that I say “cheers, g-day, y’all have a good one, and sure do appreciate yah.”

Ken Bonney
Training Supervisor, Operations

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