Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blended Learning

What makes a great Chicago Style Pizza? Is it the sauce, the crust, how about mounds of mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, or green peppers? I personally love all of those parts, but as Remy, the chef/rat for “Ratatouille” shows, it’s when they all come together that makes it great.

I was sitting in a post go-live meeting with a customer who had just gone through their migration to SirsiDynix Symphony
. The library had used every type of training we offered: web recordings, computer based training, classes taught over the internet, and onsite. I threw out a softball question to the library director, “Which method of training did your site like the best.” Of course the answer was going to be onsite; everybody loves onsite, or so I thought. The answer? “We thought it was all great.”

The library director then went on to expound on the virtues of what we call the blended learning approach. “The web recordings allowed us (the library staff) to work around our work schedule, and to repeat them as many times as they needed to.” “The internet classes allowed us to ask questions and learn from others taking the classes.” “Onsite enabled us to focus on our workflow with the help of the trainer.” “We thought it was all great.” I carried around a grin on my face for the next two days based of the comments that library director made.

That is our goal as a training team--to provide a blended learning approach with individual options for training. These options can stand on their own, but when pulled or “blended” together, the learning experiences are enhanced.

Ken Bonney
Training Supervisor, Operations

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