Monday, October 12, 2009

Introduction to Hands-on Learning

If you were to ask 100 people what the best way is to learn something new, a common theme you would hear among their answers would be to have an opportunity to try it out for themselves—a hands-on learning experience. There’s just something about “trying it out” that helps the new information stick a little better. Of course, researchers in fields of psychology and education would be able to give countless details about the rationale for hands-on learning. Most people, however, don’t need to know the “whys” to know that hands-on learning works.

So if hands-on learning is intuitively better than other approaches, why don’t all SirsiDynix customers take advantage of it? Well, they may just not know what to expect in a hands-on learning class delivered over the Internet. For some, distance learning is a new enough concept that it may be difficult to consider how you could pull off an Internet class in a hands-on learning environment. So to respond to this concern, we have created an opportunity for everyone to experience the SirsiDynix hands-on learning approach at no cost. The experience lasts 20 minutes, and it includes detailed descriptions of the various hands-on learning classes offered and an opportunity to actually go through the hands-on learning experience. We feel that this opportunity will enable you to determine just how effective these experiences can be for you and your staff as you migrate to SirsiDynix Symphony.

To sign up for this free class, go to and enter “Hands on Labs” into the Search field at the top of the Training Center tab. Then click on the class that meets your schedule.

Mike Hilmo
Software Trainer, Operations

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